About Lia de Lyon Art

About Lia de Lyon Art

Lia is an artist living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She has been active in the art community since she was in high school. Since then, Lia has been involved in various shows, events, and collaborations through her artwork, creating a network through color and design.

Lia created her online shop and took her business live during her last year of her Doctoral program for Occupational Therapy. In addition to her artwork, business, and events, Lia works full time as an Occupational Therapist at a regional hospital here in Pittsburgh.

When she is not busy with her healthcare profession, Lia can be found participating in local and national events for art. Some events of the past include:

  1. Pittsburgh Pride (2022-2023)
  2. Reggae Rise Up Florida (2023)
  3. Havre de Grace Annual Art Festival (2022)
  4. Levitate Music Festival (2023)
  5. WonderWorks/WonderBus Music Festivals (2023)

Lia seeks to further improve her business and the products it offers, in addition to larger events around the country. She is looking forward to seeing you all there! :)